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Thankfully, the team from Ready2Go have made cooking their Freezer to Fryer range of chicken products dead simple. There are, however, still some tips to keep in mind when cooking chicken from their range. Here are our top five pieces of advice.

  • Firstly, always practice first in, first out. The bulk of the Ready2Go range has a shelf life of 12 months, but it’s good practice to use the oldest products first.
  • Protect the cold chain. Check your freezer’s temperature daily to ensure that it is maintaining the optimal temperature of -18°C and once the chicken is removed from the freezer, either cook immediately or keep in a cooling area for service.
  • Follow the cooking instructions on the packaging and the suggested temperature of the oven and fryer, but also trust your judgement. There are many variables in the cooking process so it might take a little less time, or a little more time, for your chicken to reach perfection.
  • Do not overcrowd your fryer or oven with chicken pieces. Leaving space between the pieces in the oven will allow the hot air to circulate and cook and brown the chicken more evenly. Overfilling the fryer basket will also restrict the movement of the hot oil, resulting in uneven cooking and oil-logged chicken.
  • To ensure that your chicken is cooked through, check the internal temperature of the chicken pieces with a thermometer – you’re looking for 75° The juices should run clear, without a pinkish tinge, and the meat should be opaque in appearance.
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