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Chicken Schnitzel is a definite crowd-pleaser, whether it’s Ready2Go’s original Schnitzel or its Lemon and Black Pepper variant. While Chicken Schnitzel is always a favourite, it tends to be paired with traditional plate partners, like mashed potatoes and a creamy sauce. However, this versatile product can be used in a number of different ways, so we’ve put together 10 of our best.

Use in salads, just like in this recipe here: The crunchy crumbed coating adds a nice textural and visual contrast, plus the seasoning’s already built in.

Use in a burger: Given that it’s a bit less uniform than a traditional burger, you can use a chicken schnitzel in a Portuguese roll, and top with brie and cranberry sauce, or potato salad and rocket – the world’s your oyster!

Change up the accompaniments: You don’t have to stick with traditional – pair a chicken schnitzel with a tropical-fruit salsa and caramelised onion mash in this brilliant recipe.

Slice it up and plate it up: Give your schnitzel a more refined look by cutting into slivers and serving with sautéed potatoes and a slinky ribbon vegetable salad. 

Chicken Parmigiana: Turn your schnitzel into a pizza base! Bake or fry, then top with a chunky tomato sauce and mozzarella before popping back into the oven to finish off.

Get Spicy: Cook up your schnitzel and slice it up, serve with a sticky jasmine rice and spoon over a curry sauce – you can go with traditional curry spices in the sauce, or use a thai curry paste.

Low Carb it: Serve with a salad and butter bean or cauliflower mash, or even look at roast courgette hummus as an option.

Breakfast Schnitzel: Top with a soft-fried egg, crunchy-fried potatoes on the side, as well as sweet roasted tomatoes.

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