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Keeping kids happy makes for happy parents, and that makes for happy guests all-round! Luckily, Ready2Go has a range of familiar favourites that are always popular with children for your kids menu – from tasty viennas to scrumptious nuggets. Here are some of our favourite menu ideas for kids – keeping it fun and delicious.

Chicken Sliders: Nothing could be cuter than mini burgers! Combine the 60g patty or the 40g Mzansi slider with any of your favourite flavour combinations – try pineapple and cheese, or tomato sauce and melty mozzarella, or how about piled high with lettuce, cucumber and drizzled with lemon yoghurt mayo.

Chicken and Chips: Easy-to-eat chicken is at the centre of the plate, either the mini schnitzel that comes in at a size of 125g, or the original or cheese chicken steaklet, also 125g. Keep it simple with a side of chips and a squeeze of tomato sauce, swap out the starch for kid-friendly salad or vegetables, and replace the tomato sauce with guacamole or a creamy tzatziki for a nutritious option.

Hot Dog: Straightforward and unfussy, hot dogs are always a brilliant option for the kiddies menu. The 42g chicken Vienna can be topped with as much or as little as your guests need – one of our favourites is to finish it off with a sprinkle of chips to give it some crunch.

Chicken bites with a dipping sauce: You’ve got a few options for your protein here – there’s either the classic 25g Chicken nuggets, the 8g HSB Chicken bites, coated with a homestyle breaded crumb, or the 30g Chicken cheesies, stuffed with melty cheese. Pair with a tasty sauce like a chunky tomato, lightly-spiced mayo, or a herby ranch dressing. Or how about using those chicken nuggets in nachos, like we’ve done here?

Chicken Finger and Chips: For those that are a little tired of fish fingers, try the chicken finger – also available with a cheese-stuffed centre.

Drummies: You’ve got two options here – the classic 150-180g drumstick, or the breaded drumstick. For the classic, why not go for a classic BBQ or sweet tomato glaze to get it nice and sticky? Both can be served with chips, but you can also mix it up with coleslaw or a vinaigrette-based potato salad.

Wraps: Use the chicken strips as the star of a wrap – pair with roasted vegetables, herbs and a pesto mayo, or go for crispy salad vegetables, grated cheese and avo. Olives, feta and cucumber make for a Greek-style chicken wrap, or you could try chopped pepper, cous cous and a vinaigrette. When it comes to presentation, you could slice cross-wise into pinwheels!

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