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Whether your guests are looking for something to line the stomach, kicking off the meal, or just having a casual bite, there’s always a place for snacks on the menu. They’re also ideal for conferences and cocktail parties, and thanks to Ready2Go’s versatile range of products you can satisfy just about any taste with these snacking options. All can go straight from the freezer to the fryer, making them quick and convenient – and also tasty! Here we’ve got a few snack ideas for your snack basket or snack platter, which you can mix and match as you go.

Stuffed Pitas: Spread tzatziki or hummus on the inside of a mini pita, stuff with a Ready2Go chicken strip and chopped salad before topping off with a tahini dressing. Or try out this recipe here.

Mini Kebabs: The Ready2Go Home Style Breaded Bites are perfect to use on mini-kebabs – just thread onto the short sticks with cheese, tomatoes and peppadews, or whichever flavour combination you feel like, and serve.

Pinwheel Wraps: Use Ready2Go chicken strips or chicken nuggets as the main protein in your wrap, surround with julienned red and yellow peppers, cucumber and rocket, and drizzle with a dressing or dip of your choice and roll up tightly, dapping water on the rim of the wrap to seal it up. Slice crossways to make beautiful pinwheel wraps – you can also secure each with a toothpick.

Sliders: Use the Mzansi sliders for mini burgers, with toppings of your choice. The 40g patties offer great value and are an affordable solution for sliders. If you’re looking for a bigger option, try the 60g Ready2Go Chicken burger patties

Salsa Snack Wings: These spicy coated wings are perfect for snacking and a great addition to platters – and because they can go straight from the freezer to the fryer, they’re certainly an easier option than other wings! Serve with a blue cheese dressing, a BBQ sauce or yoghurt dip.

Cheesy Chicken Nuggets: Chicken Nuggets are always a favourite, but did you know that they now come in a cheese-filled variant? We think that the Ready2Go Chicken Cheesies would go brilliantly with a sriracha mayo dipping sauce!

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