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For many, sit-down is not an option – whether they’re short on time, en route to a meeting or just wanting to eat on the move, Grab and Go is an important menu element. More than just a takeaway, grab and go is ready-prepared and packaged up, making it an even more convenient option for the guest. Also, it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy meal option – go for high quality ingredients, options for different dietary requirements, and make sure the packaging is eye-catching and informative, and you’ve got a winning grab and go menu. Take a look at some of these options, using Ready2Go’s Freezer to Fryer range, which can be cooked straight from the freezer.

Gourmet Wraps: You can use either the original or the lemon and black pepper variant of the Ready2Go Chicken Schnitzel as the main feature in your wrap – simply slice up into slivers as we’ve done here in this recipe. Spread the chicken along the length of the wrap and add whichever vegetables and other ingredients you wish. Add a sauce or spread for moistness, roll up tightly and cut in half for easy eating before adding into the container.

Good old Hot Dogs: Use a Ready2Go Chicken Frankfurter, Cheese Griller, Cheese Russian or Vienna for a simple grab and go hot dog! Make sure to use rolls that won’t go stale quickly, and keep your crunchy toppings away from any sauces that might make them soggy if they stand too long. Rather use the sauces inside the hot dog bun, underneath the sausage.

Snack on the Go: Fill up a container with either the Home Style Breaded Chicken Bites or the original chicken or cheese nuggets and package up with a dipping sauce to go! You can also add chopped up raw veg and olives so that it’s more of a well-rounded snack meal.

Slider Trio: The perfect antidote for those who’re indecisive! Create a slider trio, using either the Ready2Go Mzansi Slider as the base protein, or the Ready2Go Mini Chicken Burger. You can either have all three as chicken, or choose different patties for the remaining two burgers – veggie, beef, fish and cheese are all options. Just make sure to differentiate each slider with different toppings.

Bowl Food: Use Ready2Go Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips as the protein element in a bowl dish. The trick with creating a bowl food menu item is to layer up the different elements – start with a carb like brown rice, then add complementary items like black beans, baby spinach, avocado, chopped tomatoes and chicken. Keep the different elements separate to create a striking dish, and keep your sauce element packaged separately in a sachet.

Salads: Tried and tested, salads are a wonderful option to have as a grab and go item – but make sure it’s not just lettuce, tomato and cucumber! Naturally, we would recommend one of the Ready2Go Freezer to Fryer chicken items as the protein – especially because they can quickly be fried up and added to the assembled dish, making for ease of preparation. Try a roast vegetable salad, or a grain salad using cous cous or quinoa as the base. How about a chicken Caesar salad, a tuna and sweetcorn-topped salad, or a chopped salad (a great way to use all sorts of produce)? Or you could try this delicious salad recipe here.

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