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Looking for the perfect topping for your Ready2Go Chicken Burger (100g and 60g) or Mzansi Slider (40g)? How about some options for your Mini Schnitzel (125g), full-size Chicken Schnitzel (150g) or Chicken Steaklet (original and cheese, both 125g) when utilising in a burger? Try out some of these top flavour combination ideas:

  • Spicy Cheese: Melted mature cheddar topped with slices of pickled jalapenos and a swipe of mayonnaise
  • Breakfast Burger: Hash browns, bacon, slow-cooked red onion rings, and a fried egg
  • Roast Garlic: Roast garlic mayonnaise, sundried tomato tapenade, and shredded lettuce
  • Simply Delicious: Bacon and avocado, topped with onion rings
  • Middle Eastern: Hummus, za’atar, cucumber and a swipe of pomegranate molasses on the burger itself
  • Indian: Yoghurt Raita, chopped salad, onion baji and mango atchar
  • Cheesy: Cheddar, Mozzarella and brie, melted between and on top of a double chicken burger, with caramelised onions
  • Greek: Mint-marinated haloumi, olive tapenade and tzatziki
  • Veg: Roasted and marinated Aubergine, griddled courgettes, basil pesto and a sprinkle of feta
  • Hawaiian: Grilled pineapple and peppadew salsa, with melted cheddar
  • Cheeseboard: Blue cheese and preserved figs
  • Caesar: Romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, parmesan shavings
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