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Simple to execute and to upscale, hot dogs are a fun and exciting addition to the menu. While Ready2Go has you covered with four different chicken options – Cheese Griller, Frankfurter, Russian and Vienna – what about what goes on top? Here are some fun topping combination ideas to play around with in your kitchen.

  • Nacho Hot Dog: Guacamole with chopped tomatoes, red onions and coriander, spicy black beans, sour cream and a sprinkling of crunched up nachos.
  • Smoky Summer Salsa: Grilled peach or pineapple, red pepper, chopped up with coriander and a squeeze of lime. Add a dash of smoked chilli flakes if you’d like it spicy.
  • Caramelised Onions: Add balsamic vinegar to your caramelised onions and either sprinkle with blue cheese, or spread a portion of cream cheese on the hot dog bun.
  • Bao Bun: Deep rich miso mayo and sriracha, squiggled onto the hot dog sausage, with a spoon or two of kimchi.
  • Classic Combo: Keep it simple with mustard-spiked coleslaw, made with green and red cabbage, apple and spring onion.
  • BLT: Crispy bacon, tomato chutney, shredded iceberg lettuce with a squiggle of mayo.
  • Fermented: Mayo mixed with horseradish and finely chopped pickles, sauerkraut, and melted swiss cheese
  • Mexican Corn Salad: grilled corn, coriander and mayo, sprinkled with feta
  • Italiano: Chunky basil pesto, fresh diced tomato and melted mozzarella
  • Snack Basket: Chakalaka, grated cheddar cheese and beer battered onion rings
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